5 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

Birthdays are the most memorable time of the year for your kids, and they expect you to make it extra special for them. To do this, many parents put extra effort when celebrating their li’l one’s special day.

If you’re also planning for the same, there are many Dubai birthday party deals for kids that you can choose from. However, in case you want to celebrate it by yourself, we’ve got everything you need. 

Here are some fantastic ideas that you can use to celebrate your kid’s birthday and make it memorable for them:

Go Camping

Want to spend your kid’s special day in a fun way? What can be better than spending some quality time away from the hustle and bustle? So pack up and head over to the nearest camping ground and bond with your little one in a special way. Even if you can’t go camping, setting up camp in your backyard will also do just fine. And if your kid is old enough to have friends over, invite over their buddies too.

Another amazing option to consider, provided you can afford it, is to rent out an RV for the weekend and head out to your nearest getaway. This will provide you with an opportunity to spend your kid’s birthday solely with them without being distracted by work and other such commitments. 

Plan a Day Out

Another great way to spend your child’s birthday is to plan a trip with them. Pack your things, get in the car and head to a picnic spot or the nearest city. Visit any place that is well suited for kids such as a kid’s museum, play area, miniature golf or even a bouncy castle. Ask your kid to tell you where they want to go as it’s their special day. This will, in turn, make them feel special because you’re doing what they’re asking you to.

Invite Their Friends Over

Instead of throwing a huge party, you can arrange a surprise for your kid. Invite their close friends over and arrange a movie time or maybe set up a camp in your backyard and have them the freedom they want. Arranging this little surprise won’t be as expensive as an extravagant party, but your kid will have even more fun.

Head Over to the Beach

If you live in a city that happens to be near the sea, such as Dubai, then you can even plan a day out to the beach. Arrange a picnic with just your family, or you can invite some close friends over to celebrate your kid’s birthday. There are many fun things that you can do at the beach with your kids like building sandcastles, going for a swim, playing volleyball etc.

Visit Amusement Park

One of the places that every kid loves, regardless of their age, is undoubtedly amusement parks. You can either simply just take your kid over there or get one of the kids birthday party packages that these parks usually offer. We think availing a package will be better as they contain rides, refreshments and tickets everything in them.

We hope that selecting one of these ideas discussed above will help you to celebrate your kid’s birthday in the best possible way, that too, without spending a lot of money.


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